Luminaire Testing

With the emergence of LED technologies, being part of the renewed energy scene requires knowledge of how to design products to meet consumer needs while passing even more stringent safety testing than ever before. Staying on top of the new testing requirements, from local and global standpoints, is what we do. Standards generally are not clear; they leave room for interpretation and often present constraints to product design. At PSC, we offer solutions to non-compliance rather than simply reporting a pass/no-pass statement. And, we communicate with straightforward explanations of safety issues that often arise during the testing process. Our expert product testing team understands what you need to do to achieve compliance. Failing at the testing stage only costs you valuable time and money. It allows the competition to beat you to the sale and takes resources away from future growth.

Key Points:

  • Class P Driver allows any make/model without re-submittal
  • Having your LED Array in a Class 2 circuit reduces flame rating of Lens
  • Learn how to cover a family without testing each model

Services – We have the experience:

  • Designing for Safety Approvals – DFSA™ – Get us involved early and we help build the requirements into the design
  • Design Reviews
  • Construction Evaluation
  • Testing – on site or in our laboratory
  • Submittal Management

Here are just a few of the hurdles we help you jump…

  • Product requirements related to creepage, clearances and spacings
  • Components needed to meet Conditions of Acceptability (C of As)
  • The type, size and temperature limits for power supply cords
  • Submitting an RFQ online for NRTLs isn’t as simple as it sounds
  • Understanding the extensive requirements for permanently installed vs. portable equipment
  • Initial Production Inspection (IPI) that is required for all products new to an NRTL
  • Does your LED make up part of the enclosure
  • Do you understand Class 2 vs. LVLE

We are fast, efficient and accurate. Our team compliments and enhances your internal experts.