Compliance News You Can Use – August 2016

(Chicago Plenum)
City of Chicago Environmental Air

Did you know that Product Safety Consulting can help you with all of your CCEA/Chicago Plenum needs. We can help you navigate through the many intricacies of this Chicago-specific code. We have years of experience helping clients obtain this Mark. A summary of the code requirements is listed below.

Upon a successful evaluation completion, a Listed Recessed Luminaire will be eligible for the marking, “CCEA” (City of Chicago Environmental Air other than ducts and Plenums) The following specifications come the City of Chicago Electrical Code, Section 18-27-300-22(c)(2). Construction Requirements for CCEA marking are:

1. All conductors shall be installed in metal that is inherently airtight.

2. Factory installed wiring shall be one of the following: Type MI Cable, Type MC Cable, or conductors installed in flexible metallic tubing.

3. Recessed Luminaires shall have metal wiring compartments with no openings to the air space.

4. All Recessed Luminaire wiring compartment covers, junction boxes, and junction box covers shall have no holes and all covers that open into the plenum space shall be gasketed.

5. All knockouts shall be “flush” or “press back” type.

6. Recessed Luminaire Housings, not serving as a wiring compartment, may have open holes to the environmental air space.

7. Gaskets and sealing materials shall be temperature rated for the application and shall be rated 94HB minimum or shall be subjected to the Horizontal Burning Flame Test, per UL94.

8. The use of non-metallic parts are not permitted for the following items: wireways, junction boxes, enclosure of electrical parts, and any parts on the plenum side of the recessed fixture with the exception of the gaskets.

Any deviations to the above will require submission for further evaluation. Click here to see full requirements for CCEA MARK.

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