Compliance News You Can Use – June 2018


Bringing electronic and electrical products to market throughout the world is quite complicated. Turn to Product Safety Consulting when you need to determine applicable global safety regulations and need to manage product compliance to those specific global regulations. Non-compliant products often must be re-engineered or redesigned, which can lead to manufacturing delays and additional costs. Customs officials can also present another potential obstacle by denying access or by impounding non-compliant products.

Our experienced engineers can help you successfully maneuver through the regulatory requirements for your products – for any country in the world. We will also provide an approval strategy for obtaining certifications based on your specific needs.

The CB Scheme is an international program created by the International Commission for Electrical Equipment for the acceptance of product safety test results among participating laboratories and certification organizations around the world. A manufacturer applies to any of the National Certification Bodies (NCBs) for a CB Test Certificate. The NCB then works with an approved lab to conduct the appropriate testing to determine if the product complies the the correct safety Standards. The CB Scheme is truly your passport to obtaining world safety certifications.

Questions inevitably arise when working with any safety Standards, especially international. Product Safety Consulting can help clients answer the following international certification concerns:

What do other countries require?

Is Certification Voluntary or Mandatory?

Does testing have to be conducted in country?

What documentation is required?

Do I need a representative in country?

What are the ramifications for not doing it or doing it wrong?

Our expertise allows us to offer a practical guide on how to go global,