Compliance News You Can Use – Field Evaluations

Get Your Products Approved
Quickly and Affordably

Turn to Product Safety Consulting when you need to have your products quickly approved and labeled for acceptance by the US and Canadian Regulatory Authorities having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We offer a choice of on-site services – Field Evaluation or Field Certification – covering electrical and electronic products, including medical equipment. Whichever service you choose, we will come to your specified site, which includes: installation, manufacturing, customer, distribution, storage, or any other location to meet your requirements.

Field evaluations are a practical and acceptable alternative (but not a substitute) to traditional product certification. Our service provides you with on-the-spot testing, evaluation and labeling of your products. The testing and evaluation is non-destructive, and is based on published requirements accepted by the AHJ. Complying products will be immediately labeled with a distinctive, serialized label per the AHJ requirements.

For the USA, the technical requirements are described in the NEC and other applicable requirements specified by the AHJ.

When Should I choose Field Evaluation?

  • The equipment has been “Red Tagged” by a local inspector
  • You receive or ship the equipment in limited quantities or batches
  • Cost of full certification is impractical
  • Time is of the essence
  • You are testing the market and may not continue production
  • You want to make sure the product complies with the essential requirements before submitting it for certification

Common Standards/Products for Field Evaluations:

  • Commercial Cooking & Food Service Equipment, Custom Built Counters – UL197
  • Commercial Refrigeration – UL471
  • Switchboards, Panelboards & Motor Control Centers – UL508
  • Industrial Control Panels – UL508A
  • Integral Ductless Hoods – UL710B
  • Commercial Food Preparing – UL763
  • Graphic Arts Equipment – UL775
  • Intelligent Assist Devices (IADs), Robots & Robotic Equipment – UL3100

When should I choose Field Certification?

Field certification is a customized service performed at your location or ours. Products are evaluated to the full requirements of the applicable Standards. A Certificate of Compliance and a controlled number of serialized labels bearing the NRTL certification mark will be issued for product found compliant to the applicable requirements. Additional labels may be issued upon confirmation that the additional batches are identical to the tested sample(s).

Let Product Safety Consulting be “Your Outsourced Compliance Partner” for all compliance related issues. Put our vast experience in the compliance field to work for you. Contact Alan Gradei with any questions.