Design for Safety Approvals

Proactive care for successful, safe and compliant product development through our registered Design for Safety Approvals Process.

Design for Safety Approvals or DFSA, is the embodiment of professional testing, certification and compliance services provided by PSC. It’s a proactive, integrated approach offered to companies in product safety testing – an integrated portfolio of services designed to build quality production and manufacturing from the ground up.

We start from the beginning at the idea stage, and work through concept, drawing and prototype, with a hands-on approach and fully engaged DFSA professional services. PSC assists with product evaluation, agency liaison for approvals and certifications, and moves to final submittal and successful approval. PSC is your partner in successful product solutions, and ensures the process is smooth, unencumbered and results in an efficient and effective product launch.

PSC’s engineering testing and consulting is deep seeded in the latest compliance regulations and we help companies navigate the often rigorous certification and approval process – resulting in significant time and cost savings. PSC focuses on best practices and is always up on the latest trends so we can provide the most up-to-date product safety consulting. Keeping up with the latest trends, technology and requirements is not a ‘one and done’ endeavor. PSC and its team of engineers and management travel the country to attend some of the most notable and applicable educational events and symposiums to in turn bring these insights to our clients.

DFSA provides the following benefits:

  • Early onset product evaluations—at the idea stage.
  • Substantially reduced approval lead times.
  • Reduced or eliminated retooling costs.
  • Customized drawings designed to spec and concept sketches that assist with appropriate standards requirements.
  • Prototype construction close to production for accurate results of preliminary testing in performance and safety.
  • Engineering evaluation of potential construction issues such as spacing, wiring and component placement for compliance.
  • Value-added testing to confirm material temperature limits, ventilation needs and adequacy of over-current and over-temperature thresholds.
  • Accurate and on-target safety and preliminary performance tests to limit upfront production challenges.

When PSC assists with compliance requirements through DFSA prior to product development the results are a quality product designed at less cost that’s ready for successful launch from production floor to market.