• John founded Product Safety Consulting in 1988. He has 32 years of Product Safety and Compliance experience in a variety of consumer, industrial, and commercial electrical products. He has helped manufacturers understand and feel good about overall Product Safety and also get them into Compliance with Certification Bodies around the world (UL, Intertek, CCC, CE, etc). He currently serves as Product Safety Engineering Society President.

    John Allen President and Founder

  • Alan has a diverse background in sales, marketing, product development and business restructuring. He works to maintain strong relationships with current clients and accounts, as well as developing new affiliations in the expanding Product Safety field. His efforts to continue the successful growth of the Company include generating revenue and as well as managing fixed costs.

    Alan Gradei Vice President

  • Has 35 years of UL experience in Household and Commercial Appliances. Responsible for developing and writing many UL Standards. An expert in IEC 60335 and NSF Sanitation Standards. He has managed the UL Data Acceptance Program and brings with him the good laboratory practice experience and certification process for ISO 17025 Lab accreditation. Vast international experience in numerous categories.

    Bruce Proper Engineering Manager

  • Patrick is an accomplished technologist with a broad range of experience. With time spent in communications repair and management in the US Marine Corps to years of product design and testing in the lighting field. Patrick honed his skills in the lighting field, dealing with product safety issues with companies like Advance Transformer, Venture Lighting, Intertek and Ohyama Lights. Patrick obtained his BSEET from DeVry University.

    Patrick Gorman Senior Project Engineer

  • Lori has extensive experience in the Electrical Hardware and Software Engineering fields, including design and project management for the Telecommunications, Medical Devices and Systems, Aviation industries, IT, and Health & Wellness areas. She has managed, designed, and developed new equipment projects for Tellabs and Baxter Healthcare. She has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    Lori Young Project Engineer

  • Extensive background in product testing and construction evaluation in the field of medical devices and mapping sensors. Ken conducted validation and verification testing for both HD and PD therapy. He designed a global deployment and uptime of road data that resulted in improved GPS data, high-definition photos, and 3D lidar data used in the development of self-driving cars. He earned a BS in Environmental Engineering from Syracuse University.

    Ken Liu Associate Project Engineer

  • Provided Marketing and sales support for the Daily Herald newspaper for 10 years. Current responsibilities include maintaining the PSC website and customer database, incorporating SEO optimization, monitoring project management, developing a customer retention program, targeting new opportunities, and supporting both sales and engineering in the completion of their duties. Earned a BS in Marketing from Northern Illinois University.

    Michael Borta Marketing Specialist