Commercial Cooking Testing

Product Safety Consulting guides you through the process of obtaining safety certification in the fastest time and for the least cost. We have years of experience testing products according to Commercial Cooking Standards. We help you not only verify the classification of your product, but get you through the conformity assessment process – from designing for compliance, to applicable essential requirements, to testing your product, to achieving certification. We provide Commercial Cooking Testing for over 30 years.

Key Points:

  • Type of product will determine test plan
  • Will you comply with the grease laden vapor limits?
  • Controls will be tested to UL/IEC 60730
  • Limit controls may need redundancy

Services – We have the experience:

  • Designing for Safety Approvals – DFSA™ – Get us involved early and we help build the requirements into the design
  • Design Reviews
  • Construction Evaluation
  • Testing – on site or in our laboratory
  • Submittal Management